Black, Coasters (4), Emerald Green, Pink, Shimmer, Silver

Coasters (4) Dark

black space coasters

4 Coasters which are incredibly hard to photograph!  Black base with shimmering pinks, silver and green.  Then a layer of silver leaf and spots of glitter to complete the space feel.

Coasters (4) Dark

Shimmering coasters which have a black background, and layers of pinks, emerald green and silver. Toped of with another layer of silver and glitter.


Paddle Boards, Silver, turquoise

Turquoise Paddle Board

turquoise paddle board

Entertaining? This beautiful small paddle board is big enough to share one brie. Colours are turquoise, silver and silver leaf. Buy for yourself or as a gift.


Imaging serving a brie cheese on this cute little board.  Made from Acacia wood this board needs to be hand washed, and freshened up with olive oil when needed.   It measures 23cm x 11cm.