Structure of the Earth.

Students were given a challenge: to recreate the most accurate representation of Planet Earth.  Students were randomly placed in groups of 4, they were told to create a shared Google Slides file and research the layers of the Earth, with the aim of creating a 3D model.  Each group was given 4 colours of play doh, 1 tile and a double period.  The next day they a guest judge was invited into the room whilst the models were sliced and analysed.


Art in the Cosmos (2018)

We have been busy…

After an exceptionally busy term studying ‘The Universe’  #VCSSU129 we were able to take 1 hour to express ourselves artistically.  As you can see we have the Milky way and meteorites a plenty.  The students enjoyed the opportunity to relax and create, and the class was very productive.

Student feedback was positive and evaluation showed that this part of the unit should be included in planning for next year.  Engagement averaged a 4/5 star rating and even students who described themselves as ‘not arty’ enjoyed the task.  All in all, a positive outcome.

Students will submit a written summary piece so stay tuned for more!

Green+Purple=Nebula + education = fun

A nebula is defined as:

an interstellar cloud of gas and dust. The properties of nebulae vary enormously and depend on their composition as well as the environment in which they are situated.

I was trying to recreate an artist representation of a nebula.  The main colours were green and purple.

Purple and green nebula

This piece was 3 layers of resin, creating a multi layered effect.  As we know a nebula is massive, and made from gas.  So, I wanted a smokey effect, depth of view & sparkle to represent stars.  I have found this incredibly hard to photograph- so stay with me…

Jump online and type in ‘Nasa + Crab Nebula” and I promise you won’t be disappointed.


Crab Nebula: Source

So I leave you with a few questions:

  1. How do you reach your science students?
  2. How do you enthuse students?
  3. How do you let students express themselves artistically?
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